We’re reopening (again) on 21st May

Sophie Ballinger

By: Sophie Ballinger | Date: 7/05/2021


We're gearing up to reopen, and we couldn't BE MORE EXCITED!

Ever get a feeling of déjà vu?
We knew you were going to say that.

If all goes according to the current Government roadmap, we’ll be reopening our doors on…

Friday 21st May 2021

On what days will you be open?

Good question. Here’s the lowdown…

  • During term-time we’ll be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays:
    Friday 10am – 4pm
    Saturdays and Sundays 10am – 5pm
  • May half term: Sat 28 May to Sun 6 June.
    Open every day from 10am – 5pm!

What else do we need to know?

Another good question! Here are the headlines, but there’s a shedload of info in our FAQs so make sure you have a looksee.

  • You MUST MUST MUST book before you visit
    You know it’s important because we wrote “MUST” in all caps x3…
    No exceptions – we’re limiting numbers and staggering arrival times to give plenty of space for social distancing, so if your name’s not down, you’re not coming in!
  • Activate your annual pass – even if it’s your first visit
    We’re now required by ACTUAL LAW to provide data about all visiting adults to the Track & Trace folks, so if you’ve fully completed your annual pass  with everyone’s info, you’ll save time when you get here (i.e. you’ll have to give us all this info anyway, but this way you’ll be able to get in quicker. Everyone’s a winner!)
  • We’ve extended valid annual passes again!
    If you have a pass, and gave us your email address, you should have an email from us confirming details. If not, drop an email to info@eureka.org.uk with your name and address, and we’ll check your pass for you. Most of our team is still working from home, so that’s the best way to get in touch with us at the mo.

Keep everything crossed and we’ll hopefully see you on or after 21st May!

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