Annual Pass

Annual Pass

Pay once and come back as many times as you’d like in a year!

Our fantastic value Annual Pass means you can enjoy regular family days out without breaking the bank, and it’s free to upgrade when you pay for standard admission.

How to get your Annual Pass

Just visit our Annual Pass desk with your entrance fee receipt, answer a few standard questions and we’ll complete your Annual Pass for you. You’ll need to remember to bring your Annual Pass (including the attached receipt) and a piece of ID each time you visit.

The Annual Pass entitles all of the party you have paid for on your first visit to come back to Eureka! free of charge as many times as you like for a year from the date of your first visit. A named adult who has signed the pass must always be present for subsequent visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who does the pass cover?
    It covers all of the party who came to Eureka! on the day of your first visit. If there is someone who will visit with you regularly, we recommend that you pay for them during your first visit so you can all be on the same pass.
  • There are people I would normally visit with who are not here today. What do I do?
    Buy the appropriate ticket including them and add their names to the Annual Pass card.
  • Who should sign for Gift Aid?
    If you have been kind enough to give Gift Aid, the ‘Gift Aider’ must be one of the signatories. We recommend that you make the other signatory the person who is the most likely to bring the children on subsequent visits.
  • Why do you need my signature?
    Signatures help us reduce fraudulent use of the card. We regularly perform spot-checks to confirm that the person visiting is the person who signed.
  • Can I give my Annual Pass to family and friends to use?
    No, Annual Passes can only be used by the named pass holder and the people listed on the pass at the time of purchase.
  • Can I bring additional children?
    Yes, however you will need to buy an additional ticket for them on the day of your visit. You can add them to your Annual Pass but their pass will expire on the earlier date of your pass.
  • If one of my children isn’t visiting on that day can I bring another child instead?
    No, unfortunately the Annual Pass can only be used by the children named on the pass.
  • Will I have to pay extra for special events?
    We regularly run special themed events for our general visitors, which are usually free with standard admission or your Annual Pass. Where any additional fees apply they will be clearly stated on promotional materials and web listings. If you are unsure about any additional fees for events, contact us. Please note that Annual Passes cannot be used to pay for school trips, birthday parties or group visits.
  • Can I use Tesco Vouchers or any other vouchers to buy an Annual Pass?
    No, visits paid for by using Tesco Vouchers, Yorkshire Pass holders, free child vouchers or any other discounts (unless clearly stated otherwise) will be issued as a day ticket and are not eligible for a free upgrade to an Annual Pass.
  • What do I do if I lose my Annual Pass?
    If your pass is lost or stolen we’ll issue a replacement for an administrative fee of £5. Please note: we’re not able to issue replacement annual passes at our admission tills. For more information read “Can I get a replacement Annual Pass?”.
  • Can my child/children use the pass on school or group trips to Eureka!?
    No, unfortunately not. School and group visits to Eureka! include specialist, seasonal workshops, content and staff support which is not included in the price of standard admissions.

If you would like any further information about your Annual Pass please contact us.


Upgrade to your FREE Annual Pass when you pay for standard admission to Eureka!

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