The Charity

All about Eureka! The National Children's Museum charity

Our Mission, Vision & Aspiration

Our Mission is to engage children from birth to 11 in a range of play-based learning
experiences which facilitate their emotional, intellectual, physical, social and
creative development.

Our Vision is to bring extraordinary opportunities for creative play and learning to all

Our Aspiration is to provide a context and environment in which children make
connections – neurological, cognitive, social and experiential – which help them make
sense of the world and to instil a lifelong love of learning.

Our Core Values

Captivating – Eureka! exists to capture children’s imaginations, inspiring them to
learn, develop and grow in confidence within a playful and engaging space.

Involving – Eureka! is for everyone. Every community, every family and every child,
regardless of background or ability, is invited to spend time playing and learning in
a nurturing yet challenging environment.

Expert – Our collective knowledge of children’s development, playful learning and
exhibition design results in rich and meaningful experiences grounded in solid
research and contemporary approaches.

Pioneering – Eureka! was the UK’s first children’s museum and set the gold
standard for playful learning experiences in museums and galleries throughout
the country. We continue to sustain this approach, looking to the future, taking
risks and always being one step ahead of the sector.

Our strategic framework Eureka! 2020 sets out how we have worked towards achieving the three key outcomes of Experience Excellence, Financial Sustainability and Organisational Growth, and Dedicated and Empowered People to 2020.

(P.S. We know it’s 2022 now, but a few ‘big’ things have happened in meantime…. a global pandemic and a second Eureka! attraction – Eureka! Science + Discovery to name a couple… we’ll be back with an updated version as soon as possible).

Legal structure

  • Registered charity

Eureka! The National Children’s Museum is an educational charity – number 292758.

Here’s our information on the Charity Commission website and our Certificate of Incorporation.

Governing documents

Memorandum and Articles of Association of Eureka! The National Children’s Museum.

Trustees/staff/current structure/organisation chart

Our objective of ‘Experience Excellence’ is in many ways dependent on having excellent staff to plan and deliver that experience! We know our visitors love our staff as they are regularly feeding back lovely comments and stories of how their interactions with our people at Eureka! are as important and appreciated as the exhibits themselves. We are all a part of #TeamEureka

This is one of the reasons we put all our staff photos on the website and front and centre of much of our marketing! Have a look at our current staff team.

There are however big changes about to happen as we move to a two-site operation and open Eureka! Science + Discovery. See our current thinking on this structure.

Properties & assets

We have responsibility for a number of assets including our museum building, three listed buildings (1855 Station Building, the Great Northern Shed, Shaw Sykes Goods Yard), a public footbridge that crosses our grounds, three large car parks and a green landscaped playscape.

For more information have a look at our major assets list (2021).


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