Eureka! Get Creative Painting Set

Product code: sku026

Eureka! and Small Machines bring you a set of build it yourself toys for the whole family to enjoy.

The Get Creative Paining set is a laser-cut palette, which holds a set of 5 paint pots (primary colours plus black and white), along with a quality paint brush to inspire you little artist’s creativity. The set includes an art-theory and colour mixing guide sheet. All paints are wheat and gluten free, VOC & Oil free, acid free and non toxic.

Age 6

+ Delivery

5 pots of paint, three primary colours plus black and white
1 quality paint brush
1 laser cut palette for your paint pots
An art theory and colour mixing instruction sheet

Our project kits are produce by a Sheffield based UK manufacturer from laser profiled Medite, an FCS sourced manufactured board. Purchasing this project kit supports responsible forest management worldwide.

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