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Play when doing chores

Not many of us really enjoy doing chores and when, in many households, both parents work, often the chores have to be done when the children are at home too. But children love to copy mum and dad and play at being grown-ups, so involve them in the day to day chores and you’ll be able to enjoy spending more time together as a family whilst also having fun and helping them to understand more about the world around them – you’ll get the jobs done too!

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Our top 3 ways to Play when doing chores

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    Hide and seek

    Hide treats or stickers in, on and under things in the living room. Encourage your child to help you clean up in order to find the rewards.

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    Sorting out the laundry

    Involve your children at laundry times by asking them to help sort the dirty clothes for you. Can they split the laundry into white, darks and colours? Who has the biggest pile?

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    All change

    Play hide and seek with the duvet cover or get under the covers and tell a story. If there's another adult around use the bed sheet like a parachute and play some parachute games.

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