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Play on a rainy day

Connecting and playing with water in all shapes and forms allows children to understand the world around them in a multi-sensory way. Children love rain and even if it’s just too heavy to go outside, that’s no reason not to have some rainy day fun indoors. If it’s not heavy rain, grab your wellies and a waterproof and have a splashing time with these ideas.

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Our top 3 ways to Play on a rainy day

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    Rain maker instruments

    Take a kitchen towel tube or an empty cereal box and drop in a few dried peas, pasta or a small quantity of rice and secure the ends with selotape. Grab your felt tips and decorate the tubes and boxes with raindrops and clouds, before moving your rain maker from side to side to create lovely rainy sounds.

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    Colour run

    Take a paper plate and add a few drops of food colouring. Leave it out in the rain for a couple of minutes and then bring it back inside to dry to discover what happens to the colours.

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    Digital rain

    Using an umbrella for protection, use a camera to capture the magic of the rain, including water droplets, cloud shapes and colours, reflections in puddles and rainbows. Make a rainy day photo album.

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