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Play on a journey

Long journeys can be hard work for parents and keeping children entertained for a long period of time can be an issue. Taking simple items with you such as paper and pens can quickly alleviate some of the boredom that children (and parents) face. However, there are many opportunities for play by seeking and searching for objects whizzing past your window.

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Our top 3 ways to Play on a journey

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    Road Trip Bingo

    Before setting off, create a few cards that have pictures on of things that you might see on your journey e.g. petrol station, cows, windmills, roadsign etc. Nine pictures per card is a good number. You can draw them, cut them out of magazines or search for images online. Create enough cards for all passengers and see who can spot all of their corner images first, or first to fill a line, then the whole card. BINGO!

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    Tin Foil Art

    Take along a box of tin foil and see what foil sculptures you can make, let your imaginations run wild! It's great for animals, people, spaceships and more.

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    Name the tune

    Take it in turns to hum a well known song, whilst the others try to guess what it is. It could be any piece of music, from a children's TV theme tune, to a well known pop song. The person that guesses correctly hums the next tune.

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