Hello my name is Dan, but some people like to call me ‘Magic Dan’ as I love doing magic tricks and love to laugh! I’m also part of a choir and love to sing ‘lalalaa me, me, mee… you, you, youu…’

I have a cat called Larry who’s a little star. I think he thinks that he’s a dog because if you ask him where his belly is, he rolls over for his belly rubbing!

I’m also an artist and love doing children’s illustrations. I love creating characters and putting them in different storylines!

The big Q: What’s your favourite magical object?

It’s the disappearing hanky. I love it because you show your hands totally empty, then get someone to make a magical gesture, and suddenly a red hanky appears! As soon as it’s appeared it disappears again! Right before your eyes! If you want to see it, just ask…

So, it’s a goodbye from me. Come and join us for a magical time at Eureka!

Magic Wand on JoyPixels 6.6

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Daniel signed to one of our deaf pupils, she was so pleased and signed a conversation with him!

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