Ideas United

Ideas United

Clever little people with very big ideas…

Gallery development. Museum content. The look, shape and feel of Eureka! galleries. It’s a tough job being a Eureka! consultant but someone’s got to do it and who better than our very own team of young advisers who come together under the name Ideas United.

As a children’s museum run by grown-ups we know only too well that gallery development projects can sometimes lose their way and become, well, a bit too grown up. Ultimately, our aim is to make sure that all our galleries are relevant, engaging and playful for the most important people who come to visit us every day – children.

This is why we created Ideas United – a collection of young people drawn from schools in the Calderdale and Halifax areas who we regularly consult on what they expect our exhibits to look and feel like. So, for instance, when we asked them what a bank should look like they told us it would have tall pillars with gold pieces at the top. Take a look at our pretend Halifax Bank in our Living & Working Together gallery and you’ll see that it looks just like this. That’s Ideas United – a wonderful reality check from the young people who matter to us most on all our gallery developments.


Our Expertise

Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul." - Friedrich Fröbel

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