Have a Super Worldwide Day of Play at Eureka! 20 September 2013

Friday 20 September

We’ll be marking Worldwide Day of Play on Saturday 21 September with a host of superhero-themed play activities. This annual celebration of play aims to encourage children and their families to go out and play together, and where better to embrace your playful side than at the UK’s first and foremost children’s museum?

Celebrated annually by the Association of Children’s Museums, of which Eureka! is a member, the Worldwide Day of Play is partnered by children’s television network Nickelodeon. All Nickelodeon channels “go dark” for three hours each year, taking all programmes off the air and closing down their website to support the message to go out and play. We are celebrating by asking visitors if they have got what it takes to be a superhero, with super-powered training sessions with Batman and Spiderman, taking on the evil Poison Ivy, and with special appearances from Iron Man.

Eureka! is best known as the UK’s leading children’s museum but is also  an educational charity with a long term vision “to bring extraordinary opportunities for creative play and learning to all children”.

With hundreds of hands-on, interactive exhibits Eureka! has championed the developmental and educational benefits of play for more than 21 years and this year makes its first appearance in The National Parent Guide, a new government-led publication advising new parents on how to play with their children. The health benefits of play have also been highlighted with the opening of our £2.9 million gallery early this year called All About Me, in which families find out how their bodies work and explore the benefits of an active lifestyle and healthy diet by being playful and enjoying a fun-filled family day out.

Liz Smallman, Eureka! Visitor Experience Director said “Play is central to everything we do at Eureka! so we’d love to see families switching off their tvs, computers and smartphones this Worldwide Day of Play and switching on to some playful learning together.”

What’s Happening?

Children learn and develop while they are playing." - Fraser Brown

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