Authors lift the lid on poo and wee at Eureka!

Sunday 10 November

We lifted the lid on poo and wee on Saturday 9 November as we welcomed children’s authors Mary and Richard Platt, whose book “Don’t Flush: Lifting the lid on the science of poo and wee” has been shortlisted for this year’s Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize.

Don’t Flush shows us that human and animal waste is a resource, not a problem. The award winning authors came to talk about their book with help from their willing assistant Sue the Poo, and visitors were  also invited to take part in “From the Chew to the Poo” science shows to follow the fascinating journey of a banana and peanut butter sandwich from the moment it is eaten to when it leaves the body as waste.

Mary and Richard Platt said “We were really excited to come to Eureka! to talk about our book and share all the amazing uses we have found for pee and poo: everything from making gunpowder to skin care. They will never want to flush again.”

Visitors were able to continue to explore the yuckier side of the human body in the popular children’s museum’s new £2.9m gallery, All About Me, recently named the UK’s top interactive exhibition for children by parenting network Mumsnet.

Mary and Richard Platt with Jennifer House from the Royal Society

Mary and Richard Platt with Jennifer House from the Royal Society

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