Planning for the safe return of visitors to Eureka!

Protecting our staff on the museum floor

The admissions area, information desk and other areas around the museum where Enablers will be called upon to help manage visitors will all be protected by perspex screening.

Measures have been put in place to help reduce bottlenecks, manage the flow of visitors around the museum and maintain a socially distanced Eureka! experience. Some areas will remain closed initially.

Processes, procedures, and duties which have been identified as having an increased risk due to COVID-19 are being reviewed and additional measures put in place to mitigate risk.

Update: Visitor face coverings

Children do not need to wear face coverings while at Eureka! – we want to see them smile!

However, the government has now made the wearing of face coverings at indoor attractions compulsory for adults, unless you have a medical exemption or a legitimate reason not to.

We will continue to welcome everyone and recognise there are circumstances where, for health, age or accessibility reasons, some visitors will not be able to wear face masks or coverings. We must be respectful that there may be a legitimate reason why a visitor is not wearing a face covering, and we will expect other visitors to be mindful of individual circumstances.

Managing visitor capacity

Eureka! will move to a pre-booked ticket only system. This is now the standard approach to most visitor attractions in the UK. Existing annual pass holders will also need to pre-book.

This enables us to limit the number of tickets available for visitors each day to a maximum of 850 – this is a reduction of 60% of the usual capacity of Eureka! With usual visiting patterns, and tickets booked in 10 min arrival intervals, this should help keep the numbers of visitors in the museum at any one time to between 500 – 600.

We are not limiting the time a visitor can spend at Eureka! and we are not currently changing any admission pricing. This will be reviewed throughout the summer.

A new pre-booking, and pre-payment system has been created, so check in at the admissions area will no longer require payments being taken as standard, although some payments will need to be made in some cases. All Enablers will be trained fully on the system before reopening.

A visit to Eureka!

Our primary aim is to provide a great family day out at Eureka!, and this has not changed. Our most important marketing tool – word of mouth recommendations, will be more important than ever as families consider places to go to, and listen to the experiences of others.

We are always trying to balance the minimisation of risk, with the delivery of a stress-free fun family day out. You will see in the coming weeks more messages online and on our social media channels telling visitors about our reopening plans.

All messaging to visitors pre-visit and on site, will set out what we have done to make a visit as safe as possible, and what we need visitors’ to do to support us achieving this.

All our messaging and communications will focus around three repeated instructions:

Stay together * Respect others * Have fun!

Visitors will see the same messages in signage around the site, and reminders around the museum to help them. This is some of the signage you will see installed in the museum:

The Operations and Facilities team have reviewed every space and every exhibit in Eureka! against the COVID-secure guidelines, and inevitably there have had to be some changes to spaces within the museum, but we have kept these to a minimum.

Where necessary, some exhibits and some of the smaller galleries will remain closed for the initial period of opening throughout August.

All the detail of what’s closed, what’s opened and where things have changed will be included in your re-induction training. You will have plenty of time to get used to it before we open the doors to visitors.

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