Planning for the safe return of staff to Eureka!

All staff returning to work will be expected to go through a re-induction checklist with their line managers prior to their return. This details changes in activities, processes and behaviours we need you to be aware of.

Currently, working from home will still be the preferred option for office staff wherever possible, while we work towards a phased approach to being back on site. Office capacities will be reduced to 50% and plastic screens will be in place to help protect staff where necessary.

We will all need to become a lot more minimalist in the way we manage our desks. Our offices will be cleaned every evening after work and this means desks will need to remain free from personal items, unnecessary paperwork and clutter.

We will also be reviewing all processes from printing through to lunches and putting the necessary measures in place to make them safe for our teams.

Some of the key elements for all staff are as follows:

Work areas

  • All working areas have been configured to allow for effective social distancing, please do not rearrange any furniture.
  • All staff should stick to their designated work/personal areas wherever possible throughout the day
  • Desk and workspaces should remain clear from personal items and unnecessary clutter to allow for effective cleaning
  • Throughout the day, staff are responsible for cleaning their working areas

Protecting staff who are at higher risk

  • Any employees who feel they are at higher risk, must work with HR and their line managers to put all necessary measure in place to ensure their own safety

Getting into and leaving work

  • Staff should think about the safest way for them to travel to work, and take necessary precautions when travelling on public transport
  • Staff should not arrive more than 20 mins before the start of their shift
  • Staff will have their temperature taken, and must sanitise their hands on arrival
  • Once signed in proceed to your designated common area

Moving around

  • Limit movement around the Eureka! site to essential trips only
  • Social distancing must always be observed – this is especially important in public spaces where we must set an example to our visitors
  • Measures will be taken to limit the amount of staff rotation which takes place throughout the day
  • Where possible staff should avoid using lifts, accessing storage areas and other enclosed spaces

Common areas

  • All communal areas have been configured to allow for effective social distancing, please do not rearrange any furniture.
  • All toilets have been changed to a one at a time system, and before leaving the toilets staff should clean the area.
  • Wherever possible lunch breaks should be taken outside. If this is not possible then Enablers will use Imagination Space as their staff canteen, and office staff should eat at their desks if more than 3 people already in the staff canteen. The kitchen in 1855, and the staff canteen in the museum should be used only for staff food storage and preparation.
  • Staff must be responsible for cleaning all communal areas after they have used them.

Good hygiene

  • All employees should conduct regular hand washing or make use of the hand sanitising stations
  • Staff should be aware of advice and guidance provided when entering specific areas of the museum or communal areas
  • Avoid touching your face throughout the day and follow “catch it, bin it, kill it” guidance
  • Avoid unnecessary handling of loose parts, products or deliveries

Contractors, Deliveries and External Visits

  • It is the responsibility of line managers and their teams to manage any external visitors in a way which complies with the Eureka! COVID-19 Guidance
  • Staff are asked to keep deliveries to a minimum and refrain from having personal items delivered to work
  • Visits from external agencies should be kept to essential visits only with teams asked to favour virtual meetings where possible

PPE (personal protective equipment)

  • Government guidance current suggests that employees should continue to work with the same level as PPE prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, Eureka! are currently anticipating all staff will be required wear face coverings when in certain areas of the museum and offices, or when undertaking certain duties. This will be explained fully in your re-induction meetings.

All the above guidance will be included in more detail in your re-induction.

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