Our approach to reopening Eureka!

To assist with our detailed planning, the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) established several strategic principles. These principles have helped us focus on what’s important to us, and have been shared with the Facilities, Operations and Marketing teams to help them prioritise and plan the detail of how to reopen Eureka!

The SLT and the Board of Trustees are committed to the following principles, but will revisit and review as detailed planning is progressing.

Preparing our workforce to return

  • The health and well-being of our staff team is our top priority and policies and protocols to ensure this will be in place
  • Clear well-defined roles and staffing priorities will be established
  • Training will be provided to ensure that all staff can fulfil the requirements of their role whilst remaining safe

Preparing Facilities

  • Site and operational planning will focus on the balance of health and safety with quality visitor experience
  • 850 tickets will be available per day, which means there should be around 500 – 600 visitors in the museum at peak time. These limits will apply initially and there may be additional capacity limits in some smaller spaces, and other spaces will remain closed
  • Modifications to public spaces and gallery experiences will be undertaken with a view to minimising interventions which adversely affect the visitor experience in terms of play and interaction
  • Partitions, screening and signage will be utilised only as required to ensure staff and visitor health and safety
  • Hygiene and cleaning will be increased significantly

Communicating and Coordinating for Safety

  • Monitoring and communication with local government and national bodies will ensure integration and compliance with guidance
  • Insurance and legal issues associated with risk will be identified and mitigated
  • A communications plan for staff and a marketing and communications plan for visitors will be developed and implemented

Outdoor areas

  • Outdoor experiences will be utilised to support the visitor experience
  • Health and safety measures related to social distancing and managing crowds will be implemented as required
  • The use of marquees or other structures may be introduced to host certain events/activities. Capacity limits will apply
  • Parking facilities will be reviewed and measures implemented if required

Managing Arrival

  • Online bookings in 10-minute intervals will be implemented
  • Visitor guidelines & FAQs will be on the website and on social media, and emailed directly to visitors booking on-line, then reinforced on site through signage, tannoy and a staff/visitor liaison
  • The wearing of face coverings by staff in both the museum and office areas is currently being considered.

Distancing Indoors

  • Social distancing consistent with government guidance at the time of opening will be required and implemented by limits on numbers of families in some of the smaller spaces
  • Markings will be placed on floors in public spaces where needed to assist with orientation and encouraging the safe movement of families throughout the building
  • Front of house staff will support the efforts of colleagues and visitors to maintain social distancing, but will not be expected to enforce this

Reducing Bottlenecks

  • Toilets will be signed and operated on a “one family in/out” system
  • Café will be open but offer restricted food service and capacity limits
  • Retail shop will be open
  • Lifts and stairways will be signed for limited capacity and social distancing

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