Brave Boy Billy & Microworld

Event Date: 27/04/18 - 03/06/18

Visit the Ground Floor of our Spark Gallery to meet Brave Boy Billy - a ground-breaking augmented reality sculpture by artist Jason Wilsher-Mills, and explore Microworld - five interactive digital ecosystems created by artists Genetic Moo!

Brave Boy Billy – by Jason Wilsher-Mills

Meet Billy, the augmented reality sculpture with a smile big enough to light up any gallery!

Billy’s outfit includes a series of badges that, when viewed using our tablets, trigger colourful, unexpected augmented reality reactions bringing the sculpture to life before your eyes, each telling the story of one of the young people that worked with Jason.

Artist Jason Wilsher-Mills describes his work as “subverting expectations of what disability is, using humour, art and technology to do so”.

Fresh from stints at the Tate and in Hull as part of the Hull City of Culture celebrations, Billy is at Eureka! until 2nd June 2018.


Microworld – by Genetic Moo

Immerse yourself in Microworld, a series of interactive digital ecosystems populated by weird and wonderful creatures that react to their surroundings, each other, and YOU!

These fantastical creatures can respond, react and adapt, using tech such as webcams, microphones and Kinect sensors to help them see, hear and feel what is going on around them. The creatures taking up residence in our Spark Gallery will be Squidlets, Animats, Seeds, Maggots and Multiple.


Microworld is by Genetic Moo, a.k.a. artists Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup, who create living installations in pixels and light. Their work draws widely from popular science, particularly in the areas of ecology, symbiosis, morphology, mutation and artificial life. Visit the Genetic Moo website to find out more.

Event Highlights

  1. 28 & 29 April: Devise and code your own creatures with the artists from Genetic Moo, before letting them lose in Microworld.
  2. 19 & 20 June: Create your own digital portrait with artist Jason Wilsher-Mills.

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