Make your own fake wound

Find out how to make a fake wound from everyday materials around the house.

Here at Eureka! we LOVE all the icky, sticky and yucky stuff in the human body! Watch our Enabler Sarah (and her children) and see just how easy it is to create your own fake wound.

Do you fancy grossing out your friends and family on your next video call? Want to get practicing for Halloween early? Or even learn a bit about how amazing the human body is?

Whatever the reason, join our Enabler Sarah as she explains how to create your own (very realistic) fake wound. As the museum is closed Sarah has created this short video from home with the help of her two children using everyday materials from around the house.

We’d love to see your attempts at creating your own fake wound!

Watch our video below and get involved.

Send us or share your pictures and videos using #EurekaAtHome and we’ll share on our social media feeds too.

Eureka! is temporarily closed, find out more information by clicking here.

As well as creating your own fake wound – you can find out about how the body fights infection and heals itself!

Did you know that skin is the largest organ in the human body? And that a scab is essential for protecting the healing process?

Find out more fascinating biological facts and what happens in the healing process in our downloadable activity sheet.

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