Contract Car Parking in Halifax

Need parking in Halifax Town Centre?

Whether you work in Halifax or regularly commute from Halifax Station, we're in a perfect position to help!

Eureka! offers a limited number of car parking spaces to contract customers.

We have two car parks to choose from, both of which are perfectly placed for workers in Halifax town centre, Piece Hall traders and commuters using Halifax station.

Location Cost per month

  • Northern Car Park £60 a month (inc. VAT)
  • Southern Car Park £40 a month (inc. VAT)

Parking is for 5 days per week with free weekend parking.

Fees are payable quarterly in advance either by cheque or by monthly direct debit.

The car park gates are open daily from 6am until 8pm, with 24 hour access via our security team, is well lit and patrolled by 24-hour security. Please email the car parking team for more information.

To apply for a space just complete our Eureka! Contract Parking Application and email it to the car parking team:

Parking terms and conditions:

  • Vehicles are parked at customers’ own risk
  • Eureka! accepts no liability in respect of any loss, destruction, damage or theft of or from the vehicle or the contents of the vehicle
  • Should your vehicle suffer damage or theft while in the car park you must inform Eureka! and the police
  • Prices may be subject to increase at any time. Customers will be given at least one month’s notice
  • All car park users should drive slowly and carefully while in the car park and not exceed the speed limits displayed
  • Valid parking permits must be displayed at all times and should be displayed in a prominent position. Vehicles not displaying a valid pass will receive a warning notice and persistent non-displaying of a valid permit may result in the suspension of parking rights.
  • Failure to pay car parking fees within 30 days of invoice date renders parking permits invalid and may result in the suspension of parking rights.
  • Permits can be cancelled at any time in writing either by email or hard copy. Eureka! is not able to provide a refund of any portion of a month remaining on your account. Refunds for any full months not used will be
  • If you arrive during our busy periods (such as a rainy half term day) and the car park appears full, please give us a call on 01422 330069 and our security team will assist in locating a parking space for you.
  • If you require overnight or out of hours parking (normal hours are between 6am and 8pm) please let us know in advance so we can inform the security team.

Want more info?
Call us on 01422 330069

Eureka! is a registered charity no. 292758 and all profit generated through our contract car parking in Halifax is invested into Eureka! The National Children’s Museum.

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