Step into an interactive digital forest at Eureka!

Sophie Ballinger

By: Sophie Ballinger | Date: 17/01/2020

Arboreal in Spark gallery

Arboreal in Spark gallery

Step into Arboreal - A brand new, playfully immersive space designed just for kids, by US Animators Moses Journey and David Glicksman

We’re really excited to invite you to step into an interactive digital forest, Arboreal, which opens THIS Saturday – 18th January 2020. The brand new experience, created by artists from the USA especially for Eureka!, invites children to interact with an array of digital plants and creatures. Arboreal is a feast for the eyes; a playfully immersive space designed just for kids.

Arboreal is a brand new exhibition created by US artists David Glicksman and Moses Journey, where children can interact with large-scale digital projections on the walls and floor, from posing for selfies as fireflies swirl and settle onto your body, creating a looping ambient soundtrack by triggering stalactites and fungi, stomping on giant buttons to engage with magical creatures from frogs to monsters, and propelling creatures around a giant woodland game of pinball. Attempt to sneak up and startle an array of creatures clinging to the forest fauna and discover the owner of the eerie eyeballs watching you from the bushes!


The visual design of Arboreal is inspired by the illustrations of American artist Eyvind Earle, whose stylings for many of the Walt Disney classic 1950s productions – most famously Sleeping Beauty and Lady and the Tramp – shaped the visual tone of animation for generations to come.

Arboreal is the second collaboration between Eureka! and Lumen Art Projects following on from the success of their exhibition Fusion: Adventures in digital art in 2018, with state-of-the-art technical equipment and support provided by Universal Live.

"Visually, it’s like stepping into a cross between Avatar and a classic Disney movie,

with playful interactions and surprise creatures to discover. We know that children are going to love it - if they can get their parents to stop hogging the games!”

Ruth Saxton | Eureka! Arts & Projects Manager
Artist Moses Journey – Creative Director of Arboreal, who travelled to the UK for install

Artist Moses Journey – Creative Director of Arboreal, who travelled to the UK for install

“We strive to create magical experiences, and see Arboreal as our most magical piece yet.

Watching Eureka's visitors enjoy the piece has been one of the greatest joys of our careers. I’ve never felt more creatively fulfilled. It would not have been possible without our brilliant creative team, who worked countless nights and weekends to bring our vision to life. Thank you Lumen and Eureka! for giving us this incredible opportunity, and thank you Universal Live for your expert hand in installing the piece!”

Moses Journey | Co-creator and Creative Director of Arboreal

About the Artists: Moses Journey and David Glicksman

With nearly two decades of experience combining art, technology, and storytelling for some of the world’s largest brands David Glicksman brings a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to his work. He moves comfortably between diverse industries and media and is often described as the glue that holds projects together. He is passionate about bridging the divide between art and technology, and has dedicated his career to turning real places into imaginary ones. He is currently working as Technology Lead with the international architecture firm, Gensler, helping to build their new experience design studio in Los Angeles.

Moses Journey was brought up in a deeply artistic household and began his creative pursuits at an early age. He graduated from UCLA’s Design|Media Arts program in 2002 and has worked in advertising and motion graphics ever since. Currently, he works as an animation director and lead creative technologist at world-renowned creative agency, Buck Design.

Together, David and Journey have created several works of multimedia art, one of which — a kinetic sculpture called Ad Infinitum — earned the Lumen Prize Placemaking Special Commendation Award in 2017. While working together at Buck Design, they led the creation of Ventanas Malas, a large-scale animated LED sculpture, and were instrumental in creating the #buckuback wall, a modular kinetic sculpture.

"We were delighted to partner with Eureka! and Lumen Art Projects on Arboreal.

We all brought different knowledge and expertise to the project, and together we produced an engaging and technically innovative experience for a broad age group.”

Neil Clappison | Commercial Manager of Universal Live

Arboreal is open to the public from Saturday 18th January, in the ground floor Spark gallery at Eureka! Admission to Arboreal is included in the price of visiting the museum, or free to current Eureka! annual pass holders.

"Lumen's goal is to bring the excitement of art created with technology to everyone.

We work with artists from our network - all of whom are finalists and award-winners of the Lumen Prize for Art and Technology - so we know we're getting the most exciting work being created with technology globally. This collaboration with two Lumen artists, Eureka! and Universal Live is our most ambitious project yet and we're delighted to see that Eureka's visitors are already in love with it. Hats off to Eureka! for commissioning the UK's biggest and most ambitious immersive digital art experience. Long may their innovative approach to bringing cutting edge art to their audience continue!"

Carla Rapoport | Executive Director, Lumen Art Projects

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